We believe that parenting an emotionally and/or behaviorally unpredictable child of any age is one of the biggest challenges an adult may ever face.  While there are no simple rules that make this task earlier, there are DBT skills that can increase your effectiveness.  We have therefore adapted the standard DBT curriculum to teach parents how to use DBT skills and apply the behavioral and mindfulness principles of DBT to daily parenting decisions.  We offer guidance with parenting in two formats:  individual parent coaching and parenting classes.

Individual parent coaching is available with any of the DBT staff at Clearwater, and is frequently required for parents/caregivers participating in our adolescent and child programs.  All aspects of the parenting experience are explored, and skills are tailored to your family’s needs.  Goals and priorities of the work, frequency of sessions, and critical skills to be taught are typically determined on an individual basis through conversations between your parent coach and you.

Please note: DBT parenting classes are not currently available. Please check back for future class offerings.

Updated 6/6/2016