*Effective August 30th, 2021*

We have space in our teen/family DBT skills classes for new participants! Individuals and families are welcome to enroll in our DBT Skills classes if they already have a therapist in place. You don’t need to be seeing a Clearwater-based therapist to take our skills classes. All teen/family classes are currently taking place on Zoom. 

Licensed clinicians on our DBT team are not currently accepting new individual therapy clients. Please contact us every 3-4 weeks to check on availability

We have two interns on our DBT team who are currently accepting new clients:

  • If you are interested in meeting with Mark Abelson, AMFT, please contact Karen Erickson, LMFT at
  • If you are interested in meeting with Esther Howe, MA, please contact Dr. Erika Swanson at


Clearwater is open for in-person session. We adhere to federal and state COVID-19 recommendations. Current clients will need to sign a COVID-19 consent form to resume therapy in person.