Our Child DBT Program (CAMMP)

Clearwater has developed a DBT-informed child curriculum called CAMMP (Clearwater’s Affect Management and Mindfulness Program for kids) that teaches children some of the DBT skills that are useful in managing strong emotion and learning to direct attention.  Derived from the adolescent materials developed by Alec Miller, and including materials found useful in working with ADHD children, the emphasis is on mindfulness, basic distress tolerance, and age-appropriate social skills (including managing teasing and bullying).

Individual DBT informed therapy incorporating the CAMMP curriculum is offered for children between the ages of 8 and 10.  We use the CAMMP curriculum in individual therapy and family sessions to introduce concepts and assign homework that involves practicing skills.

Our CAMMP curriculum has been a successful intervention for many families over the past 8 years, however our curriculum has not been empirically validated. within an academic or hospital setting.